The Case Against Suicide

Some people do not want to live because their life is so terrible that there seems to be no other option. It is awful that life becomes that way for some people. But there is seriously something wrong with a person who gets to the point when they do not see the value in living. Something has gone very wrong and immediate intervention is necessary.

Suicide is not an option under any circumstances and one is in need of serious psychological help if they believe that they are not meant to live.

There are those who believe that if they commit suicide, they will meet up with God and have a peaceful life on the “other side.” But the truth is that no one has any idea what death holds.

Shakespeare speculated that those who commit suicide go onto live the antithesis of peaceful life, living essentially in an afterlife of hell, and according to Shakespeare, it was their suicidal act that led them to this terrible afterlife. What if Shakespeare is right and ideas about a peaceful afterlife are wrong? Assuming that there will be peace after suicide may not be correct. One must consider the fact that they really do not know what death will bring. No one truly knows.

Learn From Survivors

Studies show that individuals who have attempted suicide and who survived were thankful to have lived. They realized that whatever was bothering them at the time that they wanted to die passed, and that their problems were solvable.

A woman, 50, describes awakening from attempting to end her life. She recalled repeating the words: “I don’t want to die. Please, I don’t want to die.” Among studies of survivors of suicide attempts none of them ever thought about suicide again. They did not want to die. They just wanted their suffering to end.

Learn from the survivors. No one knows better than they do. Problems are solvable. What seems insurmountable isn’t. Receive help and you will see that your life can improve.

Though one might feel as though there are no options, they are wrong. There are always options, no matter how bad one perceives a situation to be. Seriously considering suicide is a sign of illogical thinking. It is a sign that help is needed immediately.

Media Stories

Michael Woods survived suicide after a self-inflicted gun shot. In this video he speaks to members of the Billings Skyview Key Club. Woods, 22, lost motor function in all of his limbs after his 2007 suicide attempt.

James Giles was an addict for 18 years. He saw no hope. In October 2000, he climbed a utility tower and jumped. He never expected to survive the incident.

“My mother and my grandmother were standing over me crying. I’d never seen them  in that condition before and that is really when the realization of 18 years of  me doing drugs — how selfish, inconsiderate and self-centered I was,” he said. “I never thought about the consequences it was having on my family, my loved  ones, people who were praying, people sitting up nights wondering where I was or  what I was doing, if I was dead or in jail for killing someone — I came to the  realization I was doing it to myself and to my family.”

There is another way, believe it or not,” he said. “You’ve just got to get sick  and tired of being sick and tired. You’ve got to come to the realization that  you have to take life by the horns and live it…”

Kevin Hines had been suffering tremendously with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

He pretended to be taking his medications and following a treatment plan but he wasn’t. He was getting worse.

He then came to the conclusion, after hiding his symptoms for months, that he was not okay.

“I didn’t know how to cope,” he said. “I didn’t want to die, but because of my psychosis I believed that I had to die. I thought that everybody hated me, they were just pretending to be nice to me.”

He made the decision to end his life. It made him feel peaceful.

Hines says that many people who decide to end their lives feel peace with their decision. They believe that their pain will be gone.

He climbed over the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge and jumped.

“The millisecond I hit freefall, when my hands and feet left the rail, I said, ‘What have I just done? I don’t want to die. God, please save me,'” he said. “People get shocked into reality and they realize immediately they’ve made a mistake and I knew I made a mistake.”

Hines survived a fall that very few people ever survive.

His life is now devoted to preventing suicide. He says:

“If you’re considering suicide right now, if you’ve ever thought about suicide and it haunts you — suicide is never the solution for any problem. But when you feel that way, you have to know you’re not alone, there are millions of people who have thought about suicide,” Hines said. “Hope exists, and a future, while living with a mental health issue or a suicidal thought, exists. It’s not easy. You have to work hard.”

Read more about Kevin Hines here.

The Story of AJ

AJ began having trouble about the age 13. He had robbed a gas station. His mother was newly married to a man with whom he did not get along.

When he was 16 his stepfather kicked him out of the house.

He was drinking to cope with all that was going on.

At that time, AJ was house-sitting a family friend’s home.

From their gun case, he took a 12-gauge shotgun, went outside and shot himself in the head.

He survived but shot off most of his face.

AJ says that he tried to kill himself that day because he was in so much emotional pain.

“I didn’t want to hurt anymore—I didn’t want to deal with life…I really had a negative attitude at that point in time and it seemed like the only option.”

AJ is now completely blind.

AJ Begs People To Reconsider Their Plan For Suicide

“If we just step back and strive towards tomorrow,  it will get better…And the day after that will be better than the  day before. So never give up. You don’t know how many people you’re going to  hurt by leaving them behind.”

Getting Help

If you are prone to suicidal ideation, then it is wise to have in your possession the national phone number to the suicide help line: 1-800-283-TALK (8255). Call them anytime.

Know The Warning Signs of Suicide

Click here for additional links for help with suicidal ideation.

Disclaimer:  If you are considering suicide, then it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention;  I cannot assist you. Call 911, go to the hospital or do what is necessary to receive help.

NIMH’s New National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

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