The Jodi Arias Trial: Unsealed Juror Questions That Weren’t Asked

Many questions were asked by the jurors in the Jodi Arias case but not every question posed by a juror was approved by the court. I’ve got the list of 45 unsealed juror questions that were not asked though there are definitely some that I recognize.

Jodi Stand

1. Considering all of the lies you’ve told and admitted to, would you consider yourself to be a pathological liar?

2. What pets did you have as a child? Did you ever intentionally hurt a pet or animal?

3. If the defendant feels she has a high IQ is it possible she would try to outsmart psychological tests?

4. Do you feel you should be punished for what transpired on 6/04/2008?

5. For Ms. LaViolette: You say Travis gives no indication of being stalked-displays no fearful behavior and continues his contact with Jodi of his own accord. How do you reconcile Jodi’s claim of DV if she continues her contact with Travis on her own accord? Where was her fearful behavior?

6. Is there a type of stalking, or what could be considered stalking, that a person is comfortable around someone in person or when they are speaking with them, but are afraid of what they will do or what they are capable of when they are not around? Is this (sic) a possibility of this in the relationship between Jodi and Travis?

7. A lot of your testimony has been based on what Jodi has told you. It has been proven that Jodi has lied multiple times since killing Travis. How are you able to know everything she’s saying is truthful? Did you ever see any proof that Travis physically abuse Jodi? Isn’t it possible that Jodi didn’t write some of those incidents in her journal because they never happened? You stated that you spoke to Jodi’s friends and family early on. Did you ever speak to Travis’s friends and family to find out more about who he was? If not don’t you feel that would’ve been important?

8. If something is premeditated is amnesia more or less likely to occur?

9. How can you be a sister to Matt? Someone you had sex with in the past? Why didn’t you read Book of Mormon to see what you were and weren’t allowed to do? Why did you ask Travis about everything you did? Why did you start a relationship with Ryan Burns when you said earlier “I am with one guy I don’t see other guys?”

10. Would it be possible to see what Jodi’s hand looks like when draped over a shoulder now?

11. Were you paid for the interviews with 48 Hours and Inside Edition?

12. You testified that Travis gave you the Book of Mormon at Starbucks. Did you read it thoroughly? If so when? Does the Book of Mormon go into detail regarding the vow of chastity?

13. Where did the information about Travis Alexander “being a flirt” come from?

14. Where did the date and time stamps on the text messages come from? Are they “send” dates? Why would he say “good night” at 8:13 AM?

14. Was the gun that was used to kill Mr. Alexander found in Ms. Arias’ possession?

15. In regards to the knife or gun used, was Mr. Alexander’s old BMW searched?

16. Did you feel that Travis’s job interfered with your relationship mainly with regard to travel and phone calls?

17. If you were shocked to learn Travis was a virgin, why did you break up with him after you found out he was cheating on you?

18. Are date and time stamps on photos taken by digital cameras able to be manually changed and or manipulated?

1-before the photos are taken?

2-after the photos were taken?

19. Who was involved in all tires slashings (i.e. Travis, you, mainly Lisa)? Whose vehicles were damaged?

20. You stated you were aware that the police recorded the calls because that attorney told you. Can you tell us when you were told this and how that subject came up?

21. After all the lies you’ve told, why should we believe you now? What happened to the suicide letters you wrote your grandmother?

22. Were you kneeling when you drop the camera? When Travis stepped out of the shower to attack you was he wet? If so did he slip at all on the towel in the bathroom or hallway? When entering the closet, why didn’t you just go in the door closest to you? Do you know how tall the ceiling in Travis’s closet was? Was the gun in a case or just lying on the shelf?

23. How do you feel events such as incarceration, public accusation and invasion of privacy on a large scale can effect tests such as the MMPI or the MCMI? Is it possible that an individual could score very differently after a traumatic event (such as killing another person) as opposed to prior to the event?

24. Given your professional interpretations of the tests you evaluated, do you feel this is an individual that could have killed another to escape a violent relationship? Please explain.

25. If you score high (65 or above) in multiple categories with the MMPI is that consistent with a multiple personality disorder? If not would it be more consistent with a robust personality?

26. Do bullets always travel in a straight line when going through a human body or is there the possibility that a bullet can change its trajectory by deflection? If there is a possibility of change of trajectory, can you give us, with 100% certainty, what the exact path of the bullet was?

27. Jodi stated she shot Travis in the middle of the bathroom. If that were true and he would have started bleeding from the nose and mouth, wouldn’t there have been blood found in the middle of the bathroom floor?

28. Can you explain why you think Travis was still alive when his throat was cut?

29. Would choking to the point of unconsciousness caused bruising?

30. Shouldn’t you consider the possibility that the years spent in jail, and the possibility of a death sentence or life imprisonment will show up in your tests as anxiety, stress, etc. Why do you assume that those traits were caused by the events that occurred in 2008?

31. If Dr. DeMarte had additional evidence such as interviews, journal entries, etc. to support her opinion of borderline personality disorder, would you expect to see that in her report? Did she include that information in her report?

32. Has anyone checked the manufacture’s documentation for the year, make and model of the car Jodi rented in Redding, California in order to verify tank size and average miles per gallon (MPG)? If so, what information was found? If not, why not?

33. Does anyone other than Jodi know about the gun Travis allegedly had? If so who? Was there any record of gun registration under Travis’s name?

34. Jodi testified that she helped Travis put some things in the attic. Did you find anything at all stored in the attic? Is the floor of the attic capable of storing boxes? Can you tell if anything had ever been stored up there? Where is the opening to the attic located?

35. If Jodi were to stand with her arms pointing straight up into the air, do you know approximately what the distance would be from the ground to the tips of her fingers?

36. Is the law of chastity widely known in your church or is this something that is kept the secret? Is the law of chastity a topic of discussion in your three-hour church days or any other events? If so, to what degree?

37. Hypothetically, if a person suffered PTSD because of a bear attack while hiking, would you throw out their PSD test if they lied and said it was a tiger? Wouldn’t they be answering the questions the same regardless of whether they called the animal a bear or a tiger? Please explain your answers.

38. In the interview Jodi gave where she stated “Mark my words, no jury would ever convict me” do you feel that is part of a borderline personality disorder, especially since she was smiling when she said it?

39. If you assume that Jodi planned to kill Travis, how would you explain, from a psychological perspective, the apparent haphazard disarray in which she left the scene? If someone planned to kill someone, would you expect a more methodical cleanup? Please explain.

40. You keep saying that Jodi doesn’t match your definition of manipulative. Is it possible that your definition of manipulation differs from others? Also is it possible your definition is wrong?

41. You say Jodi’s lies started after she killed Travis. How could you possibly know this?

42. Is it possible that the IM between Jodi and Travis on 5/10/2008, regarding his temper, was a running joke between the two of them? Is it possible that Travis called her a sociopath because he had a reason to? In the May 26, 2008 text messages and IMs between Travis and Jodi, if Jodi was that upset with what Travis was saying to her why didn’t she stop talking to him then?

43. You mentioned Travis was in a seven-year relationship with Deanna. Are you aware of anyone interviewing her to determine if she was a victim or survivor? This seems like an important point. Why didn’t. Did you interview her?

44. You’ve used the term “survivor” several times during your testimony. Could you please define this. Could a survivor also be a perpetrator? You stated that there was nothing in Jodi’s journals, emails, etc. indicating she was jealous, but wouldn’t that be consistent with her belief in the law of attraction?

45. In your opinion, did Travis ever sound angry in his journals? Please explain. Did he speak negatively of any of the women he was seeing? Please explain. What was your overall impression of Travis, based solely on his journal?

10 thoughts on “The Jodi Arias Trial: Unsealed Juror Questions That Weren’t Asked

  1. Thank you for posting those!

    Agreed, some of those questions, or extremely similar ones, were definitely asked in court (#8, #11, #12, #14[1], #14[2], #18, #21, #22, #26, #28, #34, #36, #37, #39?, #40 and #44). Others would clearly have been objected to by one side or the other but, dangit, I wish they could have been asked anyway. =D

  2. On other sites, they’ve posted the questions in the handwriting of the jurors. They also have the foreman’s questions to the judge and his final verdict form saying they could not reach a decision.

    If you compare the foreman’s writing on the verdict form to the juror questions, you can make out which questions (not asked) belong to the foreman. His “r” and “f” are very distinctive as is his penmanship and consistent sentences.

    One of his questions was if she was paid by 48 Hours and Inside Addition. There are other interesting ones.

    You can also tell which are Tara’s because she was the one who asked “After all the lies you’ve told why should we believe you now?” and she has follow ups just like that one suggesting the others were also hers.

  3. 12 Pre-mediation 7 were.also Felony into 8 death. Jury foreman and 2 males one female hung Jury. DP juror said hung Jury were of an elderly type-cast, non-exclusive. Judge had one action of jury information relating to stalemate. and that was addressed to eliminate confusion. Judge dismissed Jury due to trial expenses of.nearly 2Million investment that needed a few thousands more for completion that will now cost 1Million more before concussion. If new Jury agrees to DP the expenses end with a single mandatory procedure of trial appeal. If Jury hangs or decides life and Judge decides the appeal protecting becomes endlessly repetitive for complete retrial. US Supreme Court appealing win into Arizona retrials. Judge”s premature jury dismissal can only be solved by original charges of DP by second Jury, any Judge decision compels an appeal retrial appeal.

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