The Jodi Arias Case Update

It is believed that sentencing trial of Jodi Arias will begin on March 17, 2014. The sentencing trial will not be televised and it’s unclear if electronic devices will be permitted in the court room.

It’s also been reported that Jodi Arias is currently selling wristbands to raise money for her appellate case. She continues to tweet from jail, asking people to buy her artwork and her wristbands.

Dr. Drew recently interviewed Casandra Collins, the woman who shared a jail cell with Jodi Arias for about one month. She was the woman who claimed that Jodi Arias was threatening the life of Juan Martinez. In case you missed the interview, below is the transcript (I deleted out unnecessary information i.e. commercial break, etc.):

PINSKY: I want to bring in Casandra Collins. She had shared a tiny jail cell with Jodi before the trial started.

Casandra, thank you for joining us. My panel is sitting here listening. They`ll have questions for you, as well.

Give me sort of the basic sense of why you decided to tell the story and, secondly, what was it like.

CASANDRA COLLINS, JODI ARIAS`S CELLMATE (via telephone): I live with her in a jail cell from February 16th, 2012 to March 23rd, 2012, a total of 37 days. And it was a horrific, very traumatic and disturbing experience.

PINSKY: Why? What happened? What did she do? What happened?

COLLINS: Number one, she would talk about her case openly every day. He had 18 days. I had that double dose of it. I had 37 days of listening to Jodi talk in graphic detail about her case. And she made some very disturbing comments, has no remorse and then she made threats against key people in her case, as well.

PINSKY: Like she was going to hurt them?

COLLINS: Correct. Yes, sir.

PINSKY: And what is it she told you about the case?

COLLINS: She at the time pretrial, you know, before her trial started and even at that time, she was already confessing to myself and other inmates that she did kill and murderer Travis Alexander.

So, she was already admitting to committing the crime. But when she admitted that she committed the crime, she demonstrates no remorse whatsoever. She even bragged about it like it was a trophy killing.

PINSKY: I saw an interview that you did with someone that she said she should be given an award, she did this about herself, because she killed a child molester.

COLLINS: Yes, I can tell you her comments directly she said to me why she did this, because I asked her, and said, Jodi, why did you kill Mr. Travis Alexander? And she responded by saying she did the world a favor, that she ended the life of a pedophile, that she saved the lives of many innocent children that Travis would have victimized in the future. She claimed that Travis already victimized one child already.


COLLINS: And the jury would have sympathy for her and perceive her as a hero —

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: I do. I just want to know, in jail, was she sexual or provocative? Did she have any hookups? What was she like in that way?

COLLINS: Yes, she was. She would talk very graphically and talk about the photographs (INAUDIBLE) found on the camera. She talked about each one of those photographs in graphic details and she talked about her own body parts.

PINSKY: Jonny, question? Johnny?

JONNY LOQUASTO, COMEDIAN: I do. Casandra, back to Travis. When you asked her why she killed him and she mentioned that he was a pedophile, did you ask her to go into further specifics or do you think that was just like a total sociopathic lie that she made up as to why she killed him?

COLLINS: I think it was a total lie. Anything she was saying to me I did not believe. None of it made sense. It didn`t even sound plausible to me.



GRUNBERG: Yes. I`m just curious. How do you answer critics, you know, like myself who say, you know, you were behind bars with her, too. You were in jail. Any testimony that I hear from somebody like yourself it`s suspect to me. It`s like — I don`t quite understand — yes.

PINSKY: Greg, I`m glad you brought that up, actually, because — Casandra is actually a very highly trained nurse. And she — what I`m going to ask you doing — she`s been criticized on that exact front, right, Casandra? People have taken that up with you.

COLLINS: Yes, but I`m not a convicted felon. I have no felonies on my record. I`d never been — jail and prison are different. Jail is where you go prior to your trial. I`ve never been to prison so I`m not a convicted felon. I do have misdemeanors on my record. And even six of those cases have been — expunged from my record, but I am not a convicted felon. I have never hurt nor harmed a human being in my entire life.

PINSKY: But Casandra, my understand is people have said, oh, you have mental illness or something. You`re a criminal. Putting your nurse hat on, evaluating yourself, tell us what you do suffer from so people can eval — we can evaluate whether it has somehow clouded the story you`re telling us.

COLLINS: Well, you mean what I get care and treatment for myself?


COLLINS: Depression and anxiety. Those are my main issues that I suffered from.

PINSKY: So, it`s not as though you have delusional paranoias or something that would make you sort of confabulate stories, right?


PINSKY: OK. Greg, does that satisfy you at all —


No. It doesn`t satisfy me. I just don`t understand why, you know, she`s telling the story now.

COLLINS: I`ve actually been worked with a law enforcement. I actually started talking with the FBI from February 2013. Then Phoenix police started asking me questions. So, this did not come overnight.

JILLIAN BARBERIE, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Casandra, you know, I know that Jodi confessed she had something she talked obsessively about her attorney. I`m wondering now what you think that she should get as a sentence. She either gets death, life or, what, 25 years? What do you think will be the proper term for her to serve?

COLLINS: The death sentence.

PINSKY: And then Anahita.

COLLINS: Excuse me?

ANAHITA SEDAGHATFAR, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I just want to know was Jodi as confident — yes. My question is, was Jodi as confident behind closed doors in her case as she showed herself to be like during the trial and in all of her media interviews? Did she ever express to you that she actually feared she could be convicted?

COLLINS: She truly believed when she was in the cell with me that she would walk out of the jail. She thinks the jury would find her innocent. Yes. She was that confident.

PINSKY: And Casandra, I understand, again, you said she made you feel sick and scared. I guess, I got to take a break, but I want to continue the conversation and I want you to tell us why — what`s so disturbing? What you think — I also understand you alleged that she`s caring (ph) on on the outside with her minion somehow. I want to hear more about that. So, we`ll be right back after this.

PINSKY: Judy, it seems that inmates were manipulated by Jodi and her lies. What do you make of that?

JUDY HO, PH.D., DR.JUDYHO.COM: Well, Dr. Drew, it feels to me like Jodi is actually creating her own little Jodi cult. She has so many characteristics of what we know to be cult leaders, you know, the extreme narcissism, really needing admiration and respect and loyalty from everybody, being hypersensitive to criticism. You know, all of these characteristics together just reminds me of some of the cult leaders of the past.

PINSKY: Really? Very interesting. Casandra, what do you make of that?

COLLINS: I totally agree, because she was very manipulative and very calculative when I lived with her. And she was trying to even — from my nursing background, she even had a different version of what happened between her and Travis Alexander on that day. And then I heard a new version out her trial. She tried to claim with me she got a concussion — how severe would a concussion have to be for her to have that type of memory loss.

PINSKY: I see. She`s trying to explain why she didn`t know what was going on. Back to the panel, I think you have questions for Casandra — Nikki?

NIKKI DELOACH, ACTRESS, MV`S “AWKWARD”: Yes, I do, actually. Hey, Casandra, did you go to law enforcement about Jodi`s threat to Juan Martinez?

COLLINS: I went to — the FBI started — did my initial interview in February of 2013 and then the rest of my communication with the FBI for Phoenix was through via e-mails. And then on July 1st, Sgt. Cane and Lt. Berkhose (ph) asked me questions about Jodi Arias. And Lt. Berkhose (ph) basically said, “Casandra, if she made any threat, you need to let us know.”

PINSKY: OK. Jennifer, go ahead.

JENNIFER KEITT, RADIO HOST & LIFE COACH: I`m wondering, Casandra, you spent quite a bit of time with her. So, do you think that if she does not get the death penalty and ends up in jail, that she could actually somehow be rehabilitated? Do you think that that`s possible?

PINSKY: Or, to follow on that question, or will she be dangerous from jail?


COLLINS: I think she`d be dangerous from prison, because I think if she was put in maximum security general population, I think she would try to control that population. I think she is very dangerous. I think she would repeat her crime. She is very vindictive and hateful. She made threats against the prosecutor attorney. I believe she would try to carry out those threats. She is an extremely, extremely dangerous individual.

DELOACH: I have a follow up to that then, because you had mentioned that, you know, she had said to you, Casandra, at one point in time like — that if you spoke out against her that she would come after you. And if you believe that she is that threatening then, you`re speaking out publicly against her now. Are you scared? I mean, why not speak to law enforcement and then just kind of go away from the public eye so that you keep yourself safe?

COLLINS: Yes, I am scared but I know I did the right and moral thing. I was in a position where I went to Troy Hayden because I felt that was a better choice that I have is to go public with it and expose it and make sure everyone`s well aware of what her threats were.

LEEANN TWEEDEN, @ LEEANNTWEEDEN: Casandra, thank you very much. It`s very courageous of you to come on the show tonight. I have a question for you. You had mentioned that everybody was sort of brainwashed by her, you included, but you kind of took it as, well, I`m going to go along with her just to shut everybody up. I mean, were there any girls, any inmates that did not like Jodi Arias?

COLLINS: No. I never liked Jodi Arias. I didn`t go a lot with her at all, because she tried to ask me to do numerous favors for her and I never complied. She tried to manipulate me by asking, you know, to be a mule and to get letters on the out for her — you know, get them passed them to his deputies, and I would never do that. I told her flat-out no. So, no, I was not manipulated by her. I never —

TWEEDEN: What about all the other inmates? They were like holding up signs saying we love Jodi. She`s innocent. I mean, what do you make of that?

COLLINS: That was during the trial. And do you think, really, an inmate in jail is going to snitch on another inmate in front of a reporter? You know, snitches don`t last long in jail. So, i think that was all kind of for show.

HO: Casandra, I have a question for you —

PINSKY: You know what, I`m running out of time, guys. I got to remind everyone that we cannot independently confirm what Casandra is saying. These are her opinions alone. Jenny, you want to finish me up here.

HUTT: I did. I just want to know was she doing artwork while she was in jail? Like she said she was an artist.

COLLINS: Yes, she did. At least a drawing a week.

PINSKY: And then, she`s selling that stuff, right?

HUTT: Of course.

PINSKY: Crazy.


PINSKY: All right. Casandra, thank you so much. It`s interesting. It`s chilling. It`s kind of worse than I thought, actually. I mean, I like the way we opened this conversation with Judy`s framing her as a cult leader. It`s kind of an interesting way of thinking about her.

COLLINS: Yes. She would be more dangerous in general population. I truly believe Juan Martinez is doing absolutely the right thing. He knows what he`s doing.

Deadly Sins

In other entertainment news, Darren Kavinoky and Shanna Hogan appeared on The View to discuss the premiere of Deadly Sins, an Investigation Discovery television show that featured the case of Jodi Arias. Darren and Shanna contributed to the Deadly Sins episode, which first aired on Saturday, January 11, 2014.

During the interview on The View, it is interesting to note that Shanna Hogan referred to Travis Alexander as either a dirt bag or a scumbag. It’s difficult to hear what she called him because apparently, it was bleeped out. Listen for yourself (about 2:55).

Hogan made the comment when discussing her exploration of Travis’s character:

“I really kinda had to see it like if he was my brother, he would have been the best brother in the world. If he was dating my best friend, he would have been a dirt bag or a scumbag.”

It appears as though Hogan believes in the lies of Jodi’s legal team who did everything they could to paint Travis, the victim of a brutal slaying, in a negative light. What a shame.

I have not had the opportunity to complete my viewing of the Deadly Sins Jodi Arias episode. From what I saw thus far, there were a lot of assumptions being made. I also noticed that they listed one of experts, commenting on the behavior of Jodi and Travis, as being a forensic psychiatrist. A psychiatrist has a medical degree but the individual who they said is a psychiatrist, to the best my knowledge, is not a psychiatrist. Must have been an oversight.

Did you have the opportunity to watch? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “The Jodi Arias Case Update

  1. Dr. Drew’s interview with Cassandra Collins is why I stopped watching him years ago and why HLN is going out of the business of news and trials. In my opinion, Dr. Drew is exploiting a mentally incompetent woman for ratings. I think it is shameful.

    Dr. Drew and others on his show are mental health professionals so they would know Cassandra Collins is not mentally competent after speaking to her for five minutes. They also know court records show a judge found Collins mentally incompetent and not restorable to stand trial for aggravated harassment and ordered into a mental hospital because mental health professionals found she was a danger to herself and others.

    She still hasn’t stood trial for her crime so she must still be deemed mentally incompetent although she has been released from the mental hospital. I would think she may be as much of a danger to society as Jodi Arias because she is walking free and can commit a crime and not be held accountable because of her mental incompetence. At least Jodi Arias has been locked up since 2008.

    I winced when I read what the mental health professionals were asking and saying to a woman they know was ruled mentally incompetent by a judge during this same time she claims Arias made these statements. In my opinion, Dr. Drew and his colleagues are enabling a mentally incompetent woman to continue her delusions by putting her on national television and acting as if they believe her. I don’t doubt that Collins believes what she heard and saw and that she met with the FBI but it could be all a delusion.

    Convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos final words before being executed by lethal injection in October 2002 in Florida, were “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back Independence Day with Jesus June 6. Like the movie big mother ship and all, I’ll be back.” You can’t get any more delusional than that. Yet, she was found competent to stand trial. Convicted serial killer Charles Manson rambled on and on when he testified in 1970 in a California courtroom. Here’s just a snippet of his crazy ramblings and yet he was found mentally competent to stand trial. “I never went to school, so I never growed up to read and write too good, so I have stayed in jail and I have stayed stupid, and I have stayed a child while I have watched your world grow up, and then I look at the things that you do and I don’t understand. . . . You eat meat and you kill things that are better than you are, and then you say how bad, and even killers, your children are. You made your children what they are. . . . These children that come at you with knives. they are your children. You taught them. I didn’t teach them. I just tried to help them stand up. . ”

    I intend to believe that Cassandra Collins is not a credible witness unless other witnesses or evidence can corroborate her claims. Jerry Cobb, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, said about Cox’s story that Arias threatened to have her supporters cut Martinez throat if she gets the death penalty “claims like this are not uncommon” and Cox “has a history of mental illness and was ruled not competent and not restorable and has a history of fabricating information.”

    Collins isn’t just mentally ill. She is mentally incompetent and doctors could not help her. If Collins couldn’t understand what the judge, her attorneys and the doctors are trying to tell her, she couldn’t understand what Arias was telling her. Even Flores isn’t worried because he said Arias’s supporters are whack jobs. I intend to agree with him. Arias is capable of hiring a hit man from prison but unless they get her on tape ordering a hit, law enforcement can’t prove it.

    Jail records show Collins shared a cell with Arias in February and March of 2012 for approximately six weeks. Arias has been incarcerated in Estrella since September 2008 and surely has had other cellmates who could corroborate Cox’s story. Yet no other inmates have come forward.

  2. I had to laugh when one of Dr. Drew’s guests voiced skepticism of Collins because she had been in jail and Dr. Drew said, “I am glad you brought that up Greg, Casandra is actually a very highly trained nurse. Does that make you feel better?” and Greg said no. Dr. Drew was implying that Collins has to be telling the truth because she is a nurse. Dr. Drew knows mental illness and mental incompetence can strike anyone regardless of their profession.

    An attorney appeared on the Dr. Phil show saying he was convinced there was a conspiracy by a group he called the Organization to stalk him. Three of the attorney’s friends said they believed him because he was too smart to be making this up. The attorney offered as evidence a video taken at 2 am of two or three cars pulling in and out of traffic. He said they were signaling each other to follow him. Dr. Phil said he saw no evidence of stalking, just cars pulling in and out. The attorney said “but it is 2 a.m. Why would the cars be out at 2 am?” The attorney also said the Organization was hacking into his computer and when he went to the grocery store several people from the Organization followed him up and down the aisles. He wanted Dr. Phil’s investigators to prove he was right.

    When Dr. Phil said his experts went through the computer and found no evidence someone had hacked into it and showed a surveillance video with him alone in the grocery store, the attorney got agitated and said Dr. Phil wasn’t taking this seriously and demanded he involve the FBI. I have a friend whose son is a paranoid schizophrenic and when he isn’t taking his medicine he believes people are following him and that he is being stalked by government officials who want to capture him and give him a lobotomy. I thought the attorney might be paranoid schizophrenic until he told Dr. Phil he thought the Organization was stalking him because he was high on drugs when they stalked him so he tested them and would buy drugs from dealers and not use them and the Organization still stalked him. Dr. Phil said drugs could make him paranoid and delusional even when he stopped using but he wouldn’t listen.

    I believe now that Collins is out of the mental hospital she is blaming Jodi Arias for her going crazy in jail and being committed to the mental hospital.

    This quote from Collins is a clue: “I live with her in a jail cell from February 16th, 2012 to March 23rd, 2012, a total of 37 days. And it was a horrific, very traumatic and disturbing experience.”

    When Dr. Drew asked her why, what happened and what Arias did she replied: “Number one, she would talk about her case openly every day. He had 18 days. I had that double dose of it. I had 37 days of listening to Jodi talk in graphic detail about her case. And she made some very disturbing comments, has no remorse and then she made threats against key people in her case, as well.”

    To someone who is mentally ill, being locked up with a murderer would be traumatic. She mentioned that she had no felonies but she neglected to mention that the reason for that is that the judge found her incompetent to stand trial. She also mentioned she had several misdemeanors but six of them were expunged. It is clear she doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong because she sees nothing wrong with being arrested several times.

    I think the courts should have determined she was mentally incompetent before putting her in a cell with a murderer for 37 days.

  3. I listened to the video, “The View,” with Darren Kavinoky & Shanna Hogan. I was very upset. Very!

    When Whoppi Goldberg asked if they were trying two people, Travis & Jodi, Darren & Shanna said “No.” But I disagree. And Whoopi was right on! She got it.

    For Darren & Shanna sure did a good job of smearing Travis…it WAS like Travis was on trial…implying he deserved some of what he got. Although this was not stated. Also implying, with the subliminal suggestion, that Jodi was traumatized…abused by Travis!! Geez, was Laviolette in the green room coaching Darren & Shanna?

    For what reason did Darren need to smear Travis? To comment on his double life. Say he was real sleazy kinky with MANY women. He called Travis, “Super Freaky.” Why? Because Travis had phone sex, text sex, the Little Red Riding Hood bit…bondage…photographs…

    Come on! Jodi lured Travis on. She was super sexual. Travis was a young man, inexperienced. And being young, he desired Jodi. Is this wrong? Does this make him “Super Freaky?”

    And Shanna Hogan!! I am disgusted. Travis was betrayed by her. To call him a “dirt bag,” a scum bag!!!”

    Yes, this segment on “The View” was to condemn Travis. I can excuse Darren Kavinoky, as he is usually a screwball, over the top. Into sensationalism. And of course, he just plugged his book about Jodi & Travis. $$$$ And shame on Shanna Hogan. She came across as a nun!

    This was more than shocking. It was a smear. Right now I feel it was almost sinful.

  4. Dawn, you have made several pertinent observations in this post and I agree wholeheartedly with the comments you have made.
    How many times must the victim of this horrendous crime be murdered before some people are happy that he has been well and truly slaughtered? His on-going character assassination at the hands of the likes of Kavinoky is, at best, reprehensible, and I believe some of his comments were actionable. It would come as no surprise if the Alexander family went after him for defamation of Travis. Does he know more than Arias’ counsel as to his ‘super freaky, activities with many women?’ Actually, Kavinoky just likes to listen to himself talk, and is the quintessential know-it-all. In fact, the biggest thing he possesses is his mouth.
    I agree that Whoopi Goldberg was on to these two and asked the right questions – whether they were trying two people, and why this trial is taking so long. It was a pity she, or someone else, did not hold these two to greater accountability as to their comments about the victim.
    After listening to the author, I won’t be reading “Picture Perfect” anytime soon.

  5. I agree with you Dawn. Not only did Darin Kavinoky smear Travis Alexander’s name on ABC’s “The View” but he smeared the name of Alexander and “Mormon girls” on the I-D show “Deadly Sins.” Kavinoky is not only the host of the show. He is the creator. That means everything Kavinoky and the narrator say on the show is his idea.

    In the very beginning of the show “Deadly Sins,” the narrator calls Travis Alexander a “not so devout Mormon.” Kavinoky also brought up that Alexander violated his Mormon vows of chastity. He never brought up that Jodi Arias admitted on the stand that she performed oral sex and anal sex on Bobby Juarez, Darrell Brewer and Mathew McCartney since she was a teenager.

    Deanna Reid, who dated Alexander from 2000 to 2005, testified that they didn’t have sex until 2004 and they realized it was wrong, repented to their bishops and broke up because she wanted marriage and he didn’t.

    In the show “Deadly Sins,” Kavinoky makes comments like “I don’t know what Travis Alexander was doing with those Mormon girls” and implies that Lisa Diadone stayed all night at Alexander’s house the night Jodi slashed the tires by the female narrator saying “the next morning” they found the tires slashed. According to Alexander’s friends, Lisa found the tires slashed that evening when she went out to her car.

    Either the narrator or Kavinoky implied that Travis was a womanizer by saying just eight months after he broke up with Lisa he was dating Mimi. That is not a sin and probably sooner than most men start dating again after a breakup. Kavinoky didn’t name Lisa and Mimi in the show to avoid getting sued but everyone who watched the trial knows their names because they testified. He called them “Mormon girls” but since he said on The View” Alexander was having “freaky” sex with multiple women Kavinoky no doubt believes the “Mormon girls” were violating their Vows of Chastity also.

    I believe Kavinoky judged Alexander’s sexual behavior unfairly and harshly than he would any other male because Alexander is Mormon and broke his Vow of Chastity because he had premarital sex with Jodi Arias and Deanna Reid.

    Travis Alexander was in his late 20s when he had sex with Reid and Arias. Most men start having sex when they are teenagers. From what Alexander said on the sex tape and in text messages, his sexual exploits were child’s play next to the “freaky” sex of the S & M community. Alexander even sounds like a kid in a candy store when half asleep he talks about his sexual fantasies. None of Alexander’s sex fantasies involve using whips or chains to inflict pain on Arias so he wasn’t engaging in S & M.

    Kavinoky never brought up that it was Jodi Arias who called Travis the night she recorded the sex tape and it was Jodi Arias who started the sex talk. As Martinez said, Arias was “screeching like a cat” on the tape and it was Arias who initiated the booty calls in her text messages. The show did imply she recorded the sex tape in an attempt to blackmail him into marrying her.

    Sex defined Jodi Arias. But it was a small part of Travis Alexander’s life. He was full of live and loved socializing with men and women and doing physical activities with his friends at Pre-Paid Legal and the LDS church.

    If anybody is freaky, it is Darin Kavinoky. He looks, acts and sounds manic, obsessive, compulsive and melodramatic on “The View” and in the I-D show he created, “Deadly Sins.”

  6. My opinion of Kavinoky and Hogan has changed considerably after seeing this clip from The View. He’s a narcissistic pig with his “Darren’s Divas” website and “I’m the best, it’s all about me” attitude. I noticed some very bad reviews on his legal site. One reviewer complained and called them “unprofessional, dishonest, and uncaring” as well as “scum”. The same person took the complaint to the Bar Association and was refunded his money. That’s just one example.

    Kavinoky will twist the facts to make a story sell. Hogan comes across as nothing more than paparazzi seeking fame and fortune. I won’t be buying or reading her book.

    How hard it must be for the Alexanders to hear their brother continuously slaughtered, it’s about time they went after the people who twist the truth and profit from his murder. I’m sickened by it all. The way I see it, Travis was a young man who hurt nobody! His sex life is nobody’s business, especially when it comes from a liar.

    Regarding the retrial, I saw the court documents which – in response to ban the media motion – determined there will be no electronic devices allowed in the courtroom. No tweeting, blogging, etc. – back to pen and paper.

  7. Well said, Tracy. It is difficult to overcome anger and and frustration at the on-going character assassination of the unfortunate victim of this remorseless killer. Let’s hope that through the likes of the defense and the sensation-seeking Kavinoky, that Travis is not revealed as the normal red-bloodied young man he obviously was.
    Has there been a murder victim so publicly vilified as this one has been – and so unjustly? Neither he nor his long-suffering family has received the slightest protection throughout a trial which was supposed to dispense justice – and he continues to be pilloried.
    There is no mitigation for Arias. She is a heartless, remorseless killer who deserves nothing less than the death penalty.
    Is it too much to expect that the spotlight be taken off the victim and shone squarely where it belongs – at the murderer?

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