The Most Gruesome Killer You’ve Never Heard About

I think I’ve found one of the worst killers in history.

**Trigger warning**

The following material is extremely graphic.

About the case:

“A 26-year-old Polish man killed his father by multiple puncture wounds to the chest and neck using a sharpened screwdriver. He lured his father into the cellar and, before inflicting the fatal strokes, he tried in vain to electrocute him using a stun gun. After this he hung his father by his legs in a cellar window and decapitated him using a surgical scalpel and shovel. Additionally, he made deep incisions across the popliteal fosse to bleed the corpse and collected the blood from the cervical stump vessels in a bucket.

He then took the separated head and neck upstairs to his room and scalped it through the whole night. Afterward, he threw the head into the garden. Next, using a thread he sutured together the soft tissues of the head, additionally trying to repair them with a prosthetic plastic mass. He then dried the skull using salt, thus preventing putrefaction. Subsequently, he placed the scalp-mask over his head, previously shaved and layered with stick tape. He put on his father’s clothes, hat, glasses, and scarf and left home to sit on a bench. When his grandfather came by, he started a conversation with him pretending to be the father. The grandfather did not recognize him and was sure that he was talking with his son. After a while they even had breakfast together. Finally, the grandfather, surprised by the unnatural voice of his “son” and suspicious of his interlocutor, went into the cellar where he found the body and departed for neighbor’s house to call the police. The grandson, finding that the crime had come to light, left home, taking garments his father wore on the day of his death and found a hiding place nearby. He observed the scene and investigation carried out by the police. He then sat on a bus stop bench, where he was later arrested.”

The authors were only able to find a few cases where perpetrators used the skin or organs of their victims. These included Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer.

They also noted that during World War II, the Nazis skinned murdered concentration camp prisoners.

At trial, the perpetrator testified that the murder was to be “a work of art, illustrating extreme human meanness” and “an act with no holds barred.”

He had modeled his crime from a killer in the movie Seven.

He wore the scalp-mask on his head to see whether his grandfather could recognize him.

He hanged the decapitated body in a position with the lower limbs up to symbolize crucifixion on “an upturned cross” because “the head of this kind of scoundrel should not hang even on a devil’s cross.”

There was no discussion about whether or not the killer was declared legally insane.

Psychiatrists diagnosed the killer with “borderline” schizoid personality. Schizoid personality disorders are characterized by difficulty expressing emotions, detachment from social relationships and a lack of desire for intimacy.

People with schizoid personality disorders are often considered loners. They also have unusual perceptions. They might see objects or shadows that aren’t there and they are superstitious. It is similar to schizophrenia but not as severe.

This is one of the most bizarre cases I’ve ever read about. It is the stuff of horror movies.

Source: Kunz, J., & Cross, A. (2001). Victim’s scalp on the killer’s head: An unusual case of criminal postmortem mutilation. The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, 22 (3), 327-331.

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