The Upcoming Andrea Sneiderman Trial

An interesting upcoming trial is the Andrea Sneiderman case. Andrea Sneiderman is someone who clearly has problems with the truth. You could see her lying quite clearly in this video below. Her facial expressions give it away. She also becomes intensely defensive.

Andrea is a mother of two. She is facing malice murder (which is a equivalent to first-degree murder) and felony murder charges for conspiring to kill her husband, Rusty Sneiderman. Andrea’s former supervisor at GE Energy, Hemy Neuman admitted to shooting Rusty Sneiderman outside of a daycare facility in November 2010. Hemy considered stabbing or poisoning Rusty but ultimately decided on shooting him.

Andrea has been accused of having an affair with Hemy. The prosecutor suggests that Andrea co-conspired with Neuman to kill Rusty to gain access to life insurance policies ($2 million), which she was the beneficiary.

A week before he killed Rusty, Hemy, dressed in disguise, came to the Sneiderman’s home with the intent to kill him. His plan was foiled when Rusty came out of the house to check on a gas leak and saw Hemy laying facedown in the yard. Hemy ran away. Rusty called the police. Andrea called Hemy.

At trial, a defense psychologist testified that Hemy had undiagnosed and untreated bipolar disorder with psychosis. She also said that he suffered from erotomania, a rare disorder in which someone has the delusion that a person of a higher social status, is in love with them and makes advances towards him or her. As part of the erotomania, the defense psychologist claimed, Hemy only thought he had an affair with Andrea. In other words, they never actually had an affair. It was simply a delusion, a symptom of erotomania.

The psychologist also testified that Hemy had been visited by an angel who had Olivia Newton John’s voice and told him that Sneiderman’s children were in fact his. He allegedly also received a message from a second angel who had the voice of Barry White.

Mr. Neuman was found guilty but mentally ill and was sentenced to life in prison.

Andrea has denied any involvement in her spouse’s death.

Ms. Sneiderman allegedly erased cell phone logs chronicling phone calls and texts between her and her boss on the day of her husband’s killing.

The prosecution’s case against Andrea rests in part upon the testimony of her father-in-law and a former close friend who claim that she told them Rusty had been shot before she had been officially notified. Andrea had testified she first learned of her husband’s shooting from emergency room doctors.

Andrea Sneiderman’s trial is set to begin on July 29, 2013. Will you be watching?

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  1. Please excuse my snark here, as I simply cannot resist. Considering my personal familiarity with GE, I can’t help but think that, given his diagnosis, I am surprised that he was only a supervisor. He should have at least reached Section Level management.

    Okay, I’m ducking and running…

    • I hear ya, Uppity! It’s been 40 yrs. and I’m still angry at GE for uprooting my parents 1,200 miles from 2 sets of grandparents and a large extended family. It was the beginning of the end of our family of 7. As for Andrea…oh my. Where Jodi Arias has this soft-spoken femme fatale act goin’ on, Andrea is brash, crude and right in your face. Her faux righteous indignation on the stand with that particular prosecutor was transparently disingenuous. Every time I watch it, I think, “She should have been questioned by Juan Martinez!” He handled her with kid gloves and she STILL went into full-attack mode. I’m sickened that she’s already collected Rusty’s life insurance, but at least she’s totally house-bound with bail. This trial should be interesting to watch and I’ll be interested in following Kristin’s commentary.

  2. This prosecutor must have amazing self control, cause it really does appear that he deliberately concealed that he knew Andrea was the one that set up the murder. He let her think he would call her only as a witness in prosecuting Rusty. Got her not to invoke the fifth amendment and put her on the stand where she came undone and locked into a story he could use to prosecute her.

    I love how Andrea finally caught on that he set a trap for her, and she unconsciously gives the prosecutor the middle finger at 2:16.

    Psychologist Anna Salter, an expert on predators says, “[D]eception can be detected through the leakage of emblems. Emblems are gestures that are self-explanatory within a given culture and do not require words for interpretation… If emblems are consciously made–giving someone the finger, for example–they are not signs of deception. Instead they are nonverbal statements, as eloquent and expressive as words would be. When emblems are signs of deception, they are made unconsciously, and thus they are out of presentation position and often consist of a single element of a gesture rather than the whole gesture. Thus the person’s hand may be resting on his hip or leg, with all the fingers pulled back except the middle finger, which maybe pointing down. Or the person may push back her glasses with her middle finger.” She calls these unconscious gestures “emotional leakage.”

  3. You got me hooked!
    I’ve seen this case on some of the real crime shows ( maybe 48hours again) , but did not realize the trial is about to happen …
    I’ll be watching your blog!

    PS: She’s a same miserable liar as the reptile Jodi …

  4. Wow. I didn’t watch much of Hemy’s trial (sometimes work interferes!) but where in the world did they find a psychologist to diagnose erotomania? (DSM-IV’s Delusional Disorder, I’m assuming, if there was a diagnosis separate from Bipolar with psychosis.) In view of the emails (one of which written by ANDREA referred to “waking up together” out of town), many, many “business” trips together, and witness testimony that they were dancing, rubbing, and kissing at an out-of-town club… Sounds like the psychologist was the delusional one! (A friend of ALV or Samuels perhaps?) Also, I believe that it was eventually made clear that Hemy described the angels’ voices as sounding like Olivia Newton John and Barry White only when pressed by this same psychologist to describe their voices. I don’t think Hemy ever volunteered that info or appeared to strongly hold that belief. I think those names were simply used to provide a description but by saying Hemy said they talked like those people, he sounded “nuttier” which I guess was the defense plan. And why would Andrea have had a higher social status than Hemy anyway? I’m not sure I get that. He had a “higher” job than she did, he made much more money than she did, and he’d been married and had his own children if marriage/children = social status….

    • You make some interesting points, particularly about pecking order, professionalism and what I will call the GE Culture.

      I wonder what level of employee she was because she’s not very professional in her demeanor. She says she had people reporting to her, so my assumption is she was in some leadership role as a direct report to Hemy. Not Crotonville material, not with those rough edges, but some level of local project leadership. I say this because it does seem that her described interactions with her boss seemed excessively personal. Calling him to tell him she’s leaving when her husband is in the emergency room just doesn’t seem necessary, considering. There are cell phones —so if he needed to talk to her, he could have called her and then she could have told him she was at the hospital or en route. This suggests it was a personal call. Ditto for the call after Rusty found ‘someone’ on the lawn. Why would she call her boss? Gee, my husband just found a stalker on our front lawn, I’d better call my boss! She says she probably called him for business but then she tells us she told him the story of the guy on the lawn. This is most definitely a personal relationship, a serious no-no, but not as rare as it should be. You don’t share that kind of stuff with just anybody, much less with just just any boss. TMI can be used against you at promotion time. And having an affair could get you some promotions to a point, until it doesn’t. Then it’s downhill all the way.

      The adjoining rooms on the business trip is a red flag to me too. She said that he professed his love for her many times in emails and she stresses that his love was unrequited, so why the H would she voluntarily have an adjoining room with him on a trip? That’s the last thing I would do if he were obsessed with me. It makes no sense. It’s the last thing I would do with my immediate boss or any subordinate under any circumstances, The other thing is, their relationship at work must have been the talk of the office. In GE culture, if a manager had an adjoining room with an employee on a trip, that kind of happening would be relayed back to the office rumor-mongers before you even returned from the trip.

      Her explanation of her dancing with herself while he danced with himself is just beyond silly. She’s an interesting piece of work, to say the least. Beyond that, I really don’t know enough about the case, other than she’s in some deep moose poop with her testimony, particularly with her defensive demeanor on the stand.

      One more thing: At GE a direct report can make more money than the manager, if the person is what I will call hyper-valuable. For example, an engineer with a particular background that is valuable to the company. Sometimes, the person would be placed into an organization “under” a manager for purposes of work record-keeping, but not really have to answer to that manager much at all. I don’t see this woman in that category though. She would have had her rough edges honed if she were that valuable, or at least not placed with other direct reports at her mercy while she “created,” and that didn’t happen. She might be “hyper” but probably not all that “valuable”.

      And finally, if he was that creepy and obsessed, I am surprised nobody else noticed and then reported him. I have seen that happen. In fact, it happened to me. Other people notice and THEY do the reporting. Then the obsessive person/harasser/whatever is moved a decent enough distance away from the person whose line he/she is crossing. GE does not like those kinds of lawsuits. They are pricey. So I find it hard to believe this was all an unrequited attraction. I think she’s full of sausage, myself, but I am only using the above video to form my impression.

  5. Thanks for the GE info @Uppity. I don’t know much about the corporate world in general so I just couldn’t see how any psychologist could say Hemy saw Andrea as having a higher status. Although I realize it is sexist, most often when a woman reports to a man, the man has a higher professional status AND makes more money. But I hadn’t taken into account specialized training (although as you say, it’s unclear Andrea was in the “hyper-valuable” category.) Still, most cases of erotomania involve very clear differences in status AND most often (I think) involve an imagined love affair with someone the delusional person doesn’t actually interact with regularly or even at all (e.g, celebrities such as the Hinckley/Jodi Foster case that led to Reagan’s shooting, sports figures, high-profile political figures and so on.) Although there is some controversy, it is also reported to occur much more often in women than men. (But since men tend to have a higher status in our society, that makes sense.) Regardless, given all the facts of the case including the aspects you so convincingly laid out, it is beyond me how a psychologist came up with that label for Hemy’s obsession with Andrea. As I said, I didn’t watch much of that case, but I’d like to have seen the cross-examination of that psychologist as it really sounds like he/she was “bought.”

  6. I’m excited you will follow this trial. Love your insight. Have you looked into her other lover- Joseph Dell? It seems she may have used Hemie to get her husband our of the way tor Dell!

  7. Why is it that people just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut when they are on the stand? LOL. It’s like she’s daring the prosecutor to come after her. I’m no attorney but I would advise my clients to answer the questions yes, no, I don’t know or I don’t remember. Other than that, keep your mouth shut. Man oh man it’s so obvious she’s guilty of something.

  8. Andrea Sneiderman was not charged with conspiracy. Hemy Neuman never said she was involved.
    The prosecution is trying to make the case that because Hemy is “mentally ill”, even though he
    supervised many people under him and received good evaluations from GE, that somehow Andrea
    cast some sort of spell over him and he killed her husband.

    It is a very strange prosecution. It will be interesting to see if Hemy takes the stand.

  9. Absolutely looking fwd to watching this trial play out. Gotta love the arrogance of the defendant. These egomaniac (alleged) killers entertain + fascinate me everytime!

  10. I wouldn’t dream of missing the Sneiderman trial. Glad you’ll be following it, Dr Randle.

    Regarding Andrea’s position, I believe I read that she was in Quality Control. She traveled regularly it seems with some unusual room arrangements with Hemy, her supervisor.

    Andrea has a very high opinion of herself. IMO she’s a plain Jane but a sexy bombshell in her own mind. And poor crazy Hemy’s. She was recorded commenting on what actress could star in her life movie. Seriously, was Sandra Bullock too old for the role? Her words.

    Poor Rusty Sneiderman.

  11. She had an affair she conspired to kill her husband for Gods sake do we need to go to trial and spend taxpayers money when we already know that that psycho/sociopath is guilty

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