Update on the Forum Status and Leaving Comments on the Blog

Update: The forum should be fully active. To use the forum you will have to register a new username and password.

You can’t automatically use your same username and password that you use for leaving comments on the blog.

I want to also note that your first three comments on the forum will be “moderated” (i.e. approved before automatic posting) but after that, all of your comments will instantaneously appear. This is an spam-prevention measure.

The blog and the forum are two separate entities.

Once you enter the forum, to begin a new topic, just click on “New Topic” button. That should be all that is needed to get started.

Leaving Comments on the Blog

There have been issues with the inability to leave comments on the blog. Some users have reported that their passwords are no longer working but others have been able to correct these issues. Apparently there was a problem with the latest update to WordPress. My advice is to wait a day and try again. You may even have to re-register with WordPress.

We are working to correct these errors. We appreciate your patience. Full functioning of the blog should be restored in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Forum Status and Leaving Comments on the Blog

  1. I’m just wondering why I have to re affirm my membership everytime I post or why yesterday when my password did not work I got a message that there is no record of my email address.

    • This happened to me too for a day or two. Password not working, no record of my email address, having to re-register. It is not your information.. It is Word Press all googly QQ ~ Hope it is better by now!

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