What People Said About Jodi After The Killing

Detective Flores wrote a report after he was called to the death scene of Travis Alexander on June 9, 2008. In the report, which is 20 pages long, Detective Flores narrates his interactions with friends and family on the scene, and his subsequent interviews with individuals who knew both Jodi and Travis. This article highlights the references to Jodi Arias and other interesting aspects of the case.

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Day Body Was Found

“… Before we could determine what happened to Travis the subjects on the scene had begun to mention the name Jodi Arias. They told officers that if someone had done harm to Travis, we needed to look at Jodi Arias as an investigative lead…. She was Travis’s ex-girlfriend… Since the breakup, Travis and his new girlfriend had their tires slashed. Jodi had apparently stolen Travis’s personal journals, had his email passwords and let Travis know she knew about the other girls he was currently dating…. As far as everyone knew, she was still in California.

… As we waited for other detectives…I received information from Travis’s friends at the scene that Jodi Arias had called them and wanted to know was going on. She had also mentioned she wanted to talk to the investigating officers.

Interview With Marie (Mimi) Hall (One of Travis’s Ex’s, Woman He Was Taking To Cancun)

… I asked about Travis’s former girlfriend, Jodi Arias… She heard that she was kind of obsessive and that she had manipulated Travis’ Facebook account. She also mentioned hearing that Jodi would get into the house through the doggie door without being invited. She described Jodi as a “stalker ex-girlfriend.” Marie said she was actually kind of worried about her, because she was obsessive. She also heard that Jodi had stolen some of his personal journals and they [she] had recently taken some pages of his new book he was writing…Travis [last week] called Jodi, because he caught her hacking into one of his email or Facebook accounts and confronted her about it.

Interview With Zachary J. Billings (Friend and Roommate of Travis)

… When asked about Jodi Arias, Zach said he had met her when he moved in and she would come around and hang out all the time…She used to clean Travis’s house on occasion and he would pay her. He knew she moved to Arizona from California soon after they broke up. She moved into a nearby neighborhood to be close to Travis.

He knew they had issues and argued about her showing up and being in the house unannounced. He would argue with her and asked her why she would come in the house. They [Jodi and Travis] would have arguments about her moving down to Mesa after they were already broken up. She would call at inappropriate times and ask for advice about different things. When asked how she got into the house, Zach said she would just let herself in sometimes, because the door was never locked. Zach said he felt Travis was just trying to help Jodi out since she didn’t have anyone else here in town. He said Jodi had moved back to California recently. He believed she moved about 1 to 2 months ago. He remembered the day she moved, because she showed up to the house with a U-Haul truck. Just prior to her moving, Travis and her got into an argument about her moving away. On the day of her move, she showed up with the U-Haul truck. They got into another argument.

… At the time he moved in, Travis [was] already dating another girl. He couldn’t remember the new girlfriend’s name. He broke up with this last girlfriend in mid February. Jodi was the reason their relationship didn’t work. The new girlfriend didn’t like the fact Jodi was always hanging around. He told her that until he dealt with Jodi they would just have to end the relationship.

First Interview With Jodi Arias

… On 06-10-08, while still at the scene conducting the search warrant, I received another message that Jodi Arias had called and was waiting for detectives to call her…. She was currently in Yreka California near the Oregon border and had not returned to Mesa Arizona since she moved in early April of this year… She had also taken a trip to Utah last week… The reason they [her and Travis] broke up was, because of jealousy. The jealousy went both ways.

Initial Interview With Chris and Skylar Hughes (Close Friends of Travis)

… While in route to Mexico, they heard about what happened and thought of Jodi Arias immediately. They knew both Jodi and Travis very well and stated that Jodi had been extremely obsessed with Travis even after their breakup. They believed she was very capable of doing harm to him. When asked if Travis might have any other enemies, they said he did not. They said Travis was liked by everyone and could not think of anyone else who would do anything to him.

Interview With Clancy Talbot (Friend of Travis He Knew Through Prepaid Legal)

Clancy… saw Jodi Arias during a Prepaid Legal seminar on 06-05-08. She stated that Jodi had been in contact with a person by the name of Ryan Byrnes while she was on the road from northern CA to Utah for the conference. She mentioned that Ryan had told her during a conversation that Jodi had left CA on Tuesday, 3rd June, but didn’t get to Utah until Thursday, 5th June.

Ryan told her that he had lost contact with Jodi for over 20 hours during the trip, which Jodi explained by saying she got lost and had to pull over on the side of the road to sleep for a while. Jodi wasn’t scheduled to be part of the seminar, but told Ryan that she was just passing through. Clancy said she heard from other people that Jodi had told them she was going there specifically to see Ryan. People tried to call Jodi while she was on the road, since they were expecting her on Wednesday, but her phone was shut off. When she finally showed up on Thursday she seemed to be acting a little odd.

… Clancy said she was concerned, because the trip from northern CA to Salt Lake City only takes about 10 hours or so. She thought maybe Jodi might have taken a trip to Mesa to see Travis beforehand and not told anyone. Clancy also mentioned that Jodi showed up with brown hair, and normally she had blonde hair.

I asked Clancy about Travis and Jodi’s relationship. Clancy said that ever since Travis told Jodi he no longer wanted to be with her, she had been “very clingy.” She described her as acting very “fatal attraction.”

Interview With Lisa Andrews (Travis’s Former Girlfriend)

… I had asked Lisa about an email she had received after she and Travis both had their tires slashed by an unknown person. She said the tire slashing had occurred back in November or December of 2007, while they were still dating. Travis was at her home late one night and they had received a knock at the door. They went out and didn’t see anyone. Later they discovered that Travis’s tires had been slashed. They thought it was possibly just a random act until the very next night when he was over again and they received another knock at the door. Travis ran out and found his tires had been slashed again. They made a call to the Mesa Police Department to report it… but after several hours of waiting for an officer, they couldn’t wait any longer and left. An official report was never taken…

The next day,12-8-08… Lisa said she received an email from a John Doe. The email was extremely hostile and talks about her relationship with Travis… View the email.

Lisa said she was never able to prove that Jodi was the one who sent the email to her, but she was the one person that came to mind.

Follow-Up Interviews

On 6-17-08, Jodi Arias along with [several others] came to the Mesa Police Headquarters…to be voluntarily fingerprinted. They also gave a voluntary sample saliva (buccal swab) for DNA typing.

Dallin, Michelle and Marie all gave follow-up interviews, but Jodi stated she no longer wanted to. Jodi said she had been talking to a close friend who convinced her that many people had been talking about her being involved in Travis’s death. After that friend talk to her she felt uncomfortable talking to me without consulting an attorney first.

Photos From Camera: 

… The date and time of these photos is consistent with the date and time of Travis’s death. This… indicates Jodi was lying about not seeing Travis since April 2008. This also proves that Jodi was the last person I can prove had contact with Travis prior to his death. 

Phone Call From Jodi Initiating Contact

On Saturday 6-21-08, I received a call on my cellular phone from Jodi Arias… On Monday 6-24-08 I called Jodi back… Jodi said she called on Saturday because she was having a bad day. She mentioned she missed Travis’s funeral in Southern California, because she got a flat tire on the way to the airport. Another reason for her call was to check on any updates to the case.

She also mentioned the fact of wanting to talk to an attorney before giving an official statement. She said she regretted saying that and she was now willing to give statement… Jodi said she was possibly going to Tucson in a few weeks and could possibly stop by to give her statement while on the way…

Before ending this conversation… I asked if she had sent Travis an email about coming down to visit him. She said she had sent him that email just a week or so before he was found. She said he did not respond so she assumed he was probably off in California. She was planning on staying in his home while he was away visiting her friends. She said Travis had an open door policy and used to let her say on occasion to watch his dog while he was out of town. She didn’t do the trip, because her budget didn’t allow it at that time. She did however take a trip to Southern California and to Utah.

At the end of the conversation she asked how she would go about getting some of her belongings she left at Travis’s house. She apparently left some of her clothing behind. She said it wasn’t anything very valuable so she wouldn’t bother anyone about it.

Follow-Up interview With Jodi Arias

On 6-25-08, I contacted Jodi Arias via phone… She stated she left her home in northern CA on Tuesday 6-3-08 in route to Salt Lake City Utah for a PrePaid Legal conference… She said she rented a car in Redding California and drove first to the Los Angeles area (Monterey) to see a friend. She never met up with the friend and continued onto Utah via Las Vegas Nevada. When she left Los Angeles California her phone battery died and lost all contact with friends waiting for her in Utah. She was finally able to find her celluar phone charger while reaching Las Vegas Nevada and finally made contact with her friends. She said she got lost and pulled over to the side of the road to sleep for a while. By the time she reached Salt Lake City Utah, it was late morning on Thursday 06-05-08. She participated in the last day of the conference then drove back home to Yreka California late that night. While in Salt Lake City she spent time with the person she identifies as Ryan Byrnes.

According to Jodi and another source I spoke to, Ryan Byrns, her trip from Yreka to Salt Lake City Utah via los Angeles California and Las Vegas Nevada, took her about 48 hours. I calculated the trip using her route with the stop of 10 hours to rest. This trip should not take any more than 29 hours to complete. A similar trip down through Los Angeles then to Mesa Arizona and back up Salt Lake City with 10 hours of rest would take approximately 37 hours to drive. That still leaves 10 to 11 hours of additional time for other activities.

Interview with Ryan Byrnes

I…interviewed him via phone. He’s only known Jodi for couple months. They met in Oklahoma at another PPL seminar. Jodi called him and said she left LA (Monterey area) on Tuesday the 3rd of June… Her plan was to meet him on Wednesday for the PPL meeting. The trip had been planned for about two weeks. She told him that she forgot her phone car charger so she said she had to turn her phone off to save the battery. At 2300 hours on Wednesday night, she finally called him and said she had got lost and driven in the wrong direction. She also said she had run out of gas… She finally showed up at 1100 hours on Thursday, June 5th. She stayed in town with him for only a few hours. They hung out at the meeting, had dinner with him and other friends then watched a movie at his place. She took a nap and left town at around 0200 or 0300 hours the next morning… Jodi sent him a text on the next Sunday or Monday night. He called her back and she told him that Travis had passed away… After Travis was found, a lot of mutual friends in Utah were pointing fingers at Jodi as being responsible for his death. Another rumor circulating was that Travis had been shot with a .25 caliber handgun. He also heard that there was a struggle possibly involving one or two people and he was both shot and stabbed.

There are many other elements of Detective Flores’s narrative that may be of interest to you. The detective also describes the death scene, blood and fingerprint evidence, DNA typing evidence, the photograph evidence, and so forth. What are the most interesting aspects of the report in your opinion? Many people find the email to Lisa Andrews to be quite bizarre. What about you?

14 thoughts on “What People Said About Jodi After The Killing

  1. I believe the evaluation done by Dr. Demarte was thorough and correct. People have not questioned in detail
    why Jodi denied the killing for over two years, when there is a mountain of evidence showing she committed
    the crime. She believed she could manipulate people into believing her concocted story. I ask..If she were truly a victim of domestic violence, she would have left the scene and not killed in such a heinous manner, and she would have told the police the truth if it was truly self defense. Her actions after the killing says it all. Travis’ only mistake was not being able to see how truly dangerous Jodi was . The only dirty little secret was the one Jodi had going on in her head.

    • Yes, Travis did call the PD about the tire slashing. When an officer did try to get in touch with him to take an official report, Travis never called him back. He probably figured he’d just put the whole incident aside and also didn’t want to implicate Jodi in any way…obviously he did not have a true realization of how dangerous she really was!

      • Travis did file a report with the Mesa police about the tire slashing incidents, but he failed to name Jodi as someone he’d suspected as perpetrating the property damage — the reporting officer did not name her in the report. Since Jodi wasn’t named in the police report Travis filed, the report didn’t surface immediately; instead, due to diligence, it was eventually located but wasn’t of use as it might’ve been had Travis named Jodi in it.

  2. The most interesting part of the report to me is realizing how bold Jodi was. There never seemed to be any fear of getting caught. Slashing someone’s tires is one thing but then knocking on the door right after you’ve done it? Wow! Maybe the fact that she did get away with so much for so long, made her think the same would happen after she killed Travis.

    I found this comment the other day on an old 2009 blog post about the case. Travis’ brother actually posted on there also, asking the girl to please contact him. She replied with her email address to him.

    *JadeLeigh, on May 27, 2009 at 7:13 am said:
    I wouldn’t say I KNOW Jodi, but I have met her, and witnessed her “handy – work” first hand. I used to talk with and ended up visiting a boy she was interested in (1997 -1998) …she broke in his house and cut the phone lines, one time while I was at his house we were in his room and she was peeping through the window watching us….She always seemed sweet and such, but you could tell something was seriously wrong just below the surface.

    I found her comment interesting because, if it’s true, it shows Jodi had stalker tendencies as far back as her teenage years.

    • Kept calling (from California no less) about Travis the night his friends found him dead, & told them she wanted to talk to Det Flores … then, initiated direct contact w/Det Flores … after which she backed off on a follow-up interview w/him unless she had an attorney present (per advice of unnamed “friends”), then changed her mind & went in for an interview w/him w/o an attorney….like Einstein would do, naturally.

      • However, from a police perspective, she was close to having no direct evidence to the crime scene – had Jodi “stabby Einstein” Arias taken the memory card to the camera (which she washed in the washing machine with bleach to remove blood & skin DNA), taken the .32 spent casing, cleaned up her hair from the shower/bathtub area (where it either was shed or more likely, Travis was able to pull out as he defended himself after her first strike), & washed the wall with bleach where she’d planted her hand during the attack or while dragging his body back to the shower before shooting him in his head/face, obliterating that bloody palm print & it’s blend of hers & his DNA, she’d have a leg up on skating from the murder.

  3. It is obvious that Arias had considerable ‘form’ with her victim’s friends, and that they had recognised that she was dangerous which the victim had probably realised also but underestimated the degree of evil that lay behind the veneer of ‘normality’ she projected.
    She is morally bankrupt, heartless and totally lacking in any form of contrition. She not only slaughtered him in a situation of trust ( his own home ) but she has been permitted to publically slaughter him again in a court of law.

  4. Perhaps Travis never replied to the police leaving a message for him was because Jodi had, once again, got into his email and deleted the message. She was probably following him every way possible to see if her slashing would lead to a break up. Travis saw only the good in people, he wanted to lift people up, he could not see the pure evil Jodi was capable of. Some people can’t be fixed by loving and caring, but he tried. For his effort she has destroyed him in every way possible over and over again.

  5. I believe she was blackmailing Travis with the information that they had a sexual relationship. Had Travis not been Mormon he would have been able to break free easier but she had something to hang over his head and prevent him from pursuing reporting her. He had too much to lose with that information getting out since premarital sex is against the Morman laws. I also am not convinced he was even aware she was photographing him in the shower. The only picture that shows him looking at the camera is the one where his face is bewildered or with a scared expression like “what the heck?” Even the naked photo of her on the bed is taken from an elevated camera angle like she used a self timer. I put nothing past this woman, I believe she manipulated everything. It bothers me that she is protected from having so much of this come out at trial because of it being too damaging. The truth should be the truth and to hell if it is too damaging. How is that a fair trial for Travis and his family?

    I think the fact she had no female friends is telling to the fact she has a personality disorder. Woman stick together and help each other through personal problems. She didn’t have female friends which to me shows she has a personality flaw. The females in her life could see through her manipulation while the men had more difficult seeing past the sexuality.

  6. Sounds as if Travis had serious doubts about Jodi soon after they met. For in Dec. 2007 he was seeing Lisa Andrews. A knock at the door when they were together & same night, Travis’ tires slashed. Followed by Lisa receiving a threatening email. So one may ask why Travis kept going back. Yes, there was sex, but a sociopath is very manipulative & convincing. Many “I’m sorry.” Lies. Suicide threats. Sociopaths blend to the moment…for the vulnerable victim, Travis…wanting to help.

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