Woman Admits to Stabbing Mother On Video

Katie Nichols, the woman in this video, stabbed her mother in the neck, chest and stomach. Her mother is in the ICU.

The case is still unfolding. According to the details so far, Nichols stuffed a sock in her mother’s mouth and attempted to tie her up. She also strangled her mother until she lost consciousness and then began stabbing her with scissors and two knives.

Though no specific mental illness has been identified, Ms. Nichols is clearly not well. The video of Ms. Nichols is quite unique in that she is openly admitting to stabbing her mother on camera. She also discusses the reasons why she did it.

Ms. Nichols believed that her mother had “symbolic representations of [her] death, [her] daughter’s death and [was privy to] every nuclear explosion that was supposed to happen… the satanic cult has been rounded up and killed now.”

The majority of people with mental illnesses are not dangerous but some can be dangerous, including those experiencing threat/control override delusions.

Threat-based delusions occur when a person believes that someone is trying to harm them.

Control override delusions are beliefs that outside forces are controlling one’s mind.

Many studies have shown that individuals affected by the aforementioned types of delusions are more violent than comparable groups without those delusions, but in many cases, substance abuse may have also contributed to the violent behavior.

Ms. Nichols appears to be demonstrating delusional thinking. She believes that her mother is a member of a cult and that her family is in danger. In her mind, she had to save herself and her child by killing her mother.

Obviously, her mother is not in a satanic cult nor is she controlling nuclear explosions, all of which indicate that Ms. Nichols is quite delusional.

People who are delusional believe their erroneous thinking. To them, their beliefs are 100% real. Evidence contradicting their beliefs do not dissuade their views. They cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not real.

There are some people who feign mental illness after committing a violent act but generally speaking most people don’t. In fact, research shows that the most severely mentally ill people emphatically deny being mentally ill.

Based on her behavior in the video clip, Ms. Nichols seems to truly believe that she had to kill her mother to save herself and her child.

The story of Ms. Nichols and her mother, is yet another illustration of the travesty of untreated mental illness.

1 thought on “Woman Admits to Stabbing Mother On Video

  1. Dr. KR, thank you for shining the spotlight on how dangerous the mentally ill with delusions can be if their mental illness goes untreated. I think a lot of family members and the public in general are in denial about how dangerous mentally ill people with delusions can be.

    They dismiss the mentally ill as harmless and often laugh at their crazy mutterings about Satanic cults, government conspiracies and people trying to kill them or control their mind. Family members don’t want to believe that they are in danger from a family member with delusions.

    The fact that Katy Nichols tried to kill her mother because she believed her delusions verifies my belief that my friend could be killed by her paranoid schizophrenic son. He has been in and out of mental institutions because he refuses to take his medicine. He has threatened to kill his mother because he believed she was possessed by the devil and trying to kill him by poisoning his food. He has threatened to kill neighbors and strangers he sees in the parking lots of stores whom he believes are stalking him.

    He called me in the middle of the night and accused me of trying to control his mind with radioactive signals sent through the telephone when I called his mother. I immediately asked to speak to his mother to make sure she was alright and not tied up and gagged or worse murdered. I am so afraid of him I won’t go near him.

    Yet, his mother believes he is harmless because he can be boyish, sweet, kind and loving. His father believes if he just lectures him or scolds him he will change and his siblings believe he is just evil because he goes into rages and when he was a teenager physically assaulted his mother, brother and cousin.

    Although they know he has seen psychiatrists and been committed to mental hospitals on more than one occasion, no one in his family understands that he is delusional and believes what he is saying and unless he takes his medicine he will continue to go into rages and accuse people of trying to stalk him or kill him.

    The authorities can’t do anything because each time he is arrested he is declared mentally incompetent and not restorable to stand trial and committed to mental hospitals but always released when they adjust his medicine. As soon as he is out of the hospital, he quits taking his medicine believing he is being poisoned and the delusions continue.

    His landlady and neighbors just dismiss him as the nutcase who lives next door. They don’t realize how dangerous he can be because he really believes people want to kill him. I fully expect him to stab someone to death.

    Let us hope Katy Nichol’s mother recovers and Nichols gets the medicine she needs to stop the delusions and is institutionalized to keep other people safe from her.

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