Woman Convicted of Killing Baby To Be Released From Texas Prison

Former nurse Genene Anne Jones, now 63, was convicted of murdering 15-month old Chelsea McClellan in 1982 by repeatedly injecting her with succinylcholine chloride, a lethal substance. For that murder, Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison.     

Genene JonesJones is suspected of killing as many as 50 babies when she was a nurse at Bexar County Hospital where she was employed from 1977-1982.

Despite these terrible crimes, she could be released as soon as 2018 under a Texas law that grants “mandatory  release” to inmates with good behavior.

“Genene Jones has been eligible for parole since 1989, and every three years since 1989 her case has been renewed and parole been denied,” said Harry Batson, a public information officer for the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.

“But mandatory release has nothing to do with parole,” Mr. Batson said. “Even though she has been continually denied parole, that has no bearing on her release.”

Chelsea’s mother is pleading with anyone who will listen, to try and stop the release of Jones. She told ABC News:

“I remember being so excited to have a neighborhood pediatrician that I could take Chelsea and my son Cameron to. Cameron was about three-years-old when he got the flu so I took him into the clinic, and I brought Chelsea with me. As we sat in the waiting room, Genene said she would update Chelsea’s shots. I took Chelsea and followed Genene into the examining room. I noticed that the syringes were already fixed. I was holding Chelsea, she was facing me, and Jones gave her the first shot in her left thigh. Immediately Chelsea had trouble breathing. She tried to say my name and couldn’t. Before she could stop her, Jones gave baby Chelsea a second shot in her right leg. That’s when she stopped breathing. Genene had this wild look in her eyes, like she was on a high. She got really excited, and she yelled that Chelsea was not breathing. She grabbed her from me and put her on a table. She told me to go get the doctor.”

Chelsea died after Jones repeatedly injected the child with the lethal substance on the ambulance ride to the hospital.

There is only one way to stop the release of Genene Anne Jones: find another family who was a victim of Jones and successfully prosecute her for the crime.

A new Facebook group has been started called “Victims of Genene Anne Jones.” The administrator of the group believes that her twin brother was a victim of Jones.

Jones maintains her innocence. She even served as her own lawyer.

The press attempted to contact Jones who has not responded to requests.

23 thoughts on “Woman Convicted of Killing Baby To Be Released From Texas Prison

  1. I don’t even know what to say, except now we see why we still use death penalties in the USA. Sentencing no longer means a thing. In this case, 99 years meant “Until you’re 63”.

  2. This will be a horrible horrible thing if she is released. If she is suspected of possibly 50 murders of babies and is only convicted of this one murder and the law in Texas is that she can be released because of good behavior, my thought is that she will try to kill babies again. Why do these laws say 99 years and don’t mean it? It is not right to released this monster on the innocent public. The laws need to become clear and strong where people who murder are concerned. I heard on the TV that the murder Brett Seacat was sentenced to life without possibility of parole (I think that’s what they said) and can get out after 28 or 29 years. What does that mean? I don’t understand. This Genene Jones could live another 25 years and has probably thought out how to get away with any further murders. This is horrible.

      • I was really shocked that Texas would consider this. Texas will execute anybody in the blink of an eye, yet this monster is being considered as a candidate to turn loose on the world again. What are these people on?

        • Uppity, Texas is on Texas arrogance. They have very strange beliefs. Look at their legislature and the laws they come up with against women alone. Years ago, they got some sort of an order from the feds that they needed to clean out their prisons because they were overcrowded or some such idea, so among the people they let out of prison was a convicted killer on death row, yes, death row, named McDuff, I believe, who of course murdered several more women. He was a serial killer of women and the Texas authorities let him out of death row. Who can understand that mentality? That is just Texas.

          • I didn’t know about that case, but after hearing about this case, it all comes together for me. Texas penal system is FURBAR.

          • Uppity, what does FURBAR mean? I don’t understand what it stands for. I think I am going to have to start emailing my legislatures after I find out what bizarre laws we might have in my state. I don’t know anything else to do. Whoever makes some of these laws must not have good common sense. I think the public should be protected at all costs. I also think child predators should not be allowed back on the streets. Even I know that these people DO NOT CHANGE. That should tell the lawmakers that it is not safe for children to have child predators walking the streets free. Am I alone in thinking that children above all should be protected over the child predators rights? I also believe this particular nurse will find some sort of a job or situation where she can kill little children again. I think whatever makes her tick would be similar to the child predators – they continue to act on their desires. Oh, well, I can complain here, but it doesn’t really change the bizarre laws that I cannot understand.

          • If you find out what FURBAR means let me know. I agree with everyth8ing you said. Can’t understand how a nurse that kills or preditors can be let back on our streets. NO they don not change.

  3. If this woman has been denied parole every three years since becoming eligible, that say volumes that the parole board does not feel she should be in the free world. Mandatory release for good behaviour is ludicrous. 99 years is 99 years! If she is suspected in killing more children, who is to say that she will not try again. 63 years of age is not old and she could have many, many more years ahead. Did she receive any therapy while in prison? She may have led a trouble free time in prison but without any help to find out why she did what she did, she could continue. Again – 99 years is 99 years. With laws like this one that could have her out in 5 years, no wonder too many do not have faith in the justice system.

  4. I have just read the extensive history of this woman. Being sentenced 99 years + 60 years to fun concurrently was justified. Is there not something within the judicial system that can over-ride the 1977 law saying she could get mandatory release after serving 1/3 of her sentence because of good behaviour and being in a work program? Charles Manson has come up for parole many times and no one would ever consider giving him his freedom. Surely there is something under the law to do the same for this woman.

  5. I’ve known a couple people similar to this woman–mentally deranged imposters passing as health professional, although they have not killed to my knowledge. As a result, I have a high level of suspicion for people overly anxious to appear to be saviors, and who violate boundaries in the process.

    This poor mother’s first clue should have been when the nurse took it upon herself to update the baby’s shots rather than asking the mother and letting her get the information directly from the doctor and letting her make an informed decision. Gavin de Becker who wrote “The Gift of Fear” says we should never talk ourselves out of the uneasy feeling we get when someone overrides our authority. Instinct sends us signals when being controlled. Say NO first, think about it later. You can reflect later on “Why is this person trying to control me?” But in the moment, say no.

    Tragically, these monsters gravitate to the helping professions for the grandiose high of holding life and death in their hands and the power to destroy any person they chose. People who override your autonomy in the role of savior, nurse, doctor, therapist, lawyer, teacher, clergy, social worker, are especially dangerous. This woman is a monster.

    • I went to high school with a guy who did that, Maria. I remember he masqueraded as a priest, a doctor (twice, once as a GP and once as a psychiatrist), among other things. He would be discovered, go to prison, and be released in a few years. Then he would become an imposter again. I have no idea where he is now, but if he’s not in prison, he’s doing it again.

  6. Succinylcholine chloride – how could a human being deliberately subject a fellow human to such an end? To administer it to babies defies all belief. Another thing that is hard to believe is how this monster escaped an injection herself – particularly in Texas.
    The only way Jones should be allowed out now is in a pine box.

  7. Nance, we ran out of “Reply” lines, so I’m answering your question here. FURBAR is a typo for FUBAR. I do a lot of typos and word drops lately because I fly through here in a hurry and need to stop doing that.

    FUBAR means F*d Up Beyond All Repair. I think. (Sometimes “reason” or “recognition” are used in place of Repair.

    • Uppity, I love it. There is no better word to describe what this state’s law will be doing. I will have to remember this because I use the F word too much according to society but it is the right word for really sick society. Thank you. The state of Texas would condemn me and you for even thinking the F word. They are a very strange people if you ever notice what the political and religious situation is there. Very strange. (what they decide on their schoolbooks is what the rest of our country uses, VERY unfortunately) Again, Uppity, I love this initialed comment!!!!!! And I will be using it.

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