Zimmerman: The Next Sandyhook?

Lake Mary, Florida Police Chief Steve Bracknell says, in a series of emails, that he agrees with a concerned citizen who believes that Zimmerman might be the next “Sandyhook.”

He has since distanced himself from that remark.

The letters below are the exchanges between the concerned citizen who contacted the police through their department website and the police chief.

Chief Bracknell responded to the citizen’s concerns swiftly and honestly.

Zimmerman Lake Mary Emails by ThinkProgress

6 thoughts on “Zimmerman: The Next Sandyhook?

      • Emails are easily forged. I don’t consider that particular email corroboration of anything. No city official in his/her right mind would write such a ridiculous response to a “concerned citizen.” A REAL response would more likely have read…

        Dear Sir,

        Thank you for your concern and for taking the time to write to the Lake Mary Police Department. We appreciate your interest in this matter however there is an ongoing investigation and we regret we are unable to comment at this time.


  1. Bizarre. This correspondence, if true, is informative. However, it seems not-quite-right for Chief Bracknell to email so with a citizen. And…state GZ is another Sandy Hook/Aurora waiting to happen. That all said, the info in the emails corroborates that GZ did have a gun…with good speculation he was taunting Shellie & her father to approach…another SYG? Sound surreal…but who knows. The email also backs-up the father was injured, a mini-altercation with GZ. Also, the ipad was destroyed by GZ. So why the change of heart with Shellie NOT charging GZ? Could it be the ? loss of “alimony” per month from George? (And he supposedly has NO $$$.) In summary, Shellie & George need to lay low. GZ must feel more invincible, powerful, above the law.

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